Basque Country, gastronomic paradise

Eating and drinking well in the Basque Country is a luxury within everyone’s reach: seasonal indigenous products, in ‘pintxo’ form, with a good Rioja Alavesa, txakoli or cider.

Welcome, you are in the land of FINE FOOD

Basque Country, the Gourmet destination Basque gastronomy, from traditional to the most innovative, is one of the Basque country’s major identifying traits and is firmly rooted in the day to day life of our people, strongly linked to our history, customs and leisure activities. It has crossed borders and received international recognition and praise.

What’s the secret?

The excellence and diversity of the raw materials provided by land and sea in the Basque Country and the skills of the great Basque chefs. Complete, planned and comprehensive food tourism offer that meets the highest expectations. One of the secrets of this internationally recognized cuisine is, without a doubt, the excellence and diversity of its raw materials, which ensures unmatchable fine wine and food experiences.

The interest in Basque products are increasing each year and it is not just because of the excellent quality with an international renowned, it is because it involves everything about Basque culture, the mysterious origin, the language that is one of the oldest in Europe and is unrelated to others, the curious sports, the passion for food and drink and the traditional markets.

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San Sebastian in the world


The Basque influence is increasing year by year by visitors. In Japan, they are building their own parte vieja named “Little San Sebastian” located in Taki, with the best of the Basque culture and cuisine. In New York, there is an annual Txikifest where you can drink and eat Basque food. The numbers of tourists annually enhance in the Basque Country. According to EUSTAT (Basque Institute of Statistics) and INE (Spanish Statistical Office), in 2017 the Basque Country has received 3.588.045 visitors, 150.000 more visitors than last year. Gipuzkoa is one of the favorite places chosen by tourists, especially San Sebastian renowned for its outstanding cuisine, where restaurants boast the highest number of Michelin stars per capita in the world.


The potential of the Basque products are undeniable, every year the number of exports of the Basque brand is increasing at a steady rate. Tourists in the Basque Country are consuming local products more and more often. After tasting it, they usually buy it as a gift for friends and family, or to relish at home. But the most interesting thing is that we are not offering just another typical food and drink, we are offering a unique gastronomy, something with tradition, passion and respect. Something genuinely Basque.


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